Some remarks related to the new trend in using supplements based on the Astragalus root.

Since the Nobel Prize won by the team of Prof. Elisabeth Blackburn related to the nature of ageing some active components from the ASTRAGALUS root have been scientifically evaluated to be the most effective substance to slow down the ageing of our cells. There is even the high expectation that regular use of the Astragalus root concentrate will add years to your life expectancy.

“ The Astragalus root – Huang qi – has already been used in traditional Chinese medicine in the form of an herbal tonic. The active components include flavonoids, free amino acids, trace minerals and polyphenols. In China conducted medical trials even show that Astragalus enhances the immune function and improved survival from cancer in some cases.”

The research done related to the effects of Astragalus suggest daily doses of 9 to 25 grams daily or a minimum of 24 Astragalus tablets per day for an average body mass of 70kgs to get an exceptional result. Unlike other medicinal herbs, Astragalus is safe for every day use, even in very large doses.

In order to reach a reasonable therapeutic level, very large doses of Astragalus would be needed which make make it unpractical to use Astragalus as herb or tablets, even in large quantities on a regular basis. In addition, Astragalus powders and tablets are considered to lose 70% of their initial power.

In the Orient, Huang qi or Astragalus is used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a part of everyone’s daily diet. Oriental soups are prepared using twigs of the Astragalus plant that release both their flavor and medicinal substances. After cooking, when the twigs released their taste and medical substances, they are removed from the soup. Through the soup – the best way to get the potent tonic in your body – the local people enjoy all health effects and age healthier.

Another way to get the powerful tonic of the Astragalus, is to cook the root for 6 to 8 hours and use the liquid to add to the food you normally use. The taste is pleasant and is perfect to add to soups, smoothies, tea and even coffee. The disadvantage of the liquid is that it can only be preserved during 3 days in the fridge.

Thanks to For Long Life, a concept of TriSystems Ltd., and their revolutionary product “Light of Life” it is now possible to obtain all the advantages of the Astragalus root in simple gel capsules. The content of the capsules is based on TA65, a product developed by the Noble Prize winning team of Prof. Elisabeth Blackburn.

The gel capsules developed by TriSystems Ltd. Are 12 times more powerful than the classical Astragalus root powders or tablets thanks to their brilliant process and the addition of extra supplements like hyaluronic acid, which works symbiotically for the uptake of the Astragaloside IV complex.

Due to the high patent, processing and development costs, these kind of supplements are not cheap and not readily available. Nevertheless, if we understand the real value of products like Light of Life, I am convinced that it the right choice to improve our health, immune system and age healthy and younger.

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.
Biomed Expert

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