“ Oxygen shortage on the cellular level is involved in more than a hundred modern time illnesses. This involvement is sometimes direct but in most cases indirect which leds to an understatement of importance by classic medicine. Restoring the highest quantity of oxygen in your blood and cells will lead to a health status that brings you to a point where you can almost forget all other introductions for your health which you find on the internet or in health magazines.”

To keep it simple with two examples: the shortage of oxygen in your blood is the major factor and onset for cardiovascular disease(CVD) and cancer.

The reason that there is not more interest in this oxygen theory can be related to the fact that there is no commercial interest to sell oxygen. The pharmaceutical industry cannot patent it and there are so many other ways to enhance oxygen uptake naturally that commercialization is nearly impossible.

The only exception for providing oxygen via the classical medicine is by the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This method is used when “free” divers are coming up too fast. Recently there are hospitals which have installed a hyperbaric oxygen therapy room.

There are a lot of natural ways to enhance the oxygen in your blood. But maybe we have to look first at the reasons for the loss of oxygen uptake in our body.

Everybody will understand that the loss of clean air in urban areas is a main factor. In some cities there are really dramatic losses and life threatening “smog” situations. Beside that there is the chemical stress in nutrition which grabs a part of the available O2. Every substance that binds oxygen creates another source of oxygen loss.

Another factor is general lifestyle with less physical movement leading to a state that asks your cells to require a higher uptake for cellular oxygen. If we come to the total balance we can make the statement that we have a drop in O2 availability from 2% over the last decennium, and that we need an other minimum of 2% more O2 uptake to deal with the actual life circumstances.

Starting from this observation I can declare that over 100 diseases and medical problems have a basic origin and the major cause in this oxygen shortage phenomenon. Describing all the details will lead to a full book instead of an article. For those who understand and believe what I’m talking about, I will provide more specific details in the second part of this article complete with scientific sources.

At the same time you can start to do something. There are oxygen donors in greens. For instance Chlorella and Spirulina are acceptable supplements. More about this in part 2. Using fresh air is an even better option. Note that fresh air is not the same as cold air. Opening the window is not always the right solution. Air purifiers are nice for better smell. Whether they are helpful depends on a lot of other factors.

Forget to mention, my name is Guy and I’ve been in bio-medical science for more than half a century.

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker Dr.Sc.
Biomed Expert


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