Yoga has become increasingly popular in the past few years, and for a good reason. This spiritual, physical and mental practice has a lot to offer to our body and mind and helps us feel better, both internally and externally. There are countless pros to it and each asana can do you good in a unique way, helping you build muscles and ground yourself. This is what happens to your body when you practice yoga.

  1. You become the stronger, more flexible version of yourself

The most interesting thing about yoga is how much it can activate all the muscles in our body. While other practices and types of exercise focus on main groups of muscles, building only the big, lean ones, yoga asanas focus on literally every muscle in our body, helping us become more flexible through stretching. However, its physical benefits do not stop there. Unlike with bulking exercises, yoga gives you a chance to build strong muscles without putting to much pressure on your body as it is also beneficial for your spine and bones. The after-yoga fatigue exists but because the practice is about becoming aware of our body and it’s limits, it helps tone body without much mental and physical fuss. It perfects our body posture, helps us be more balanced and improves the general coordination of movement through a combination of different asanas that require focus.

2. It helps you cope with stress, anxiety, become more vital and relaxed

Yoga is much more than an pure exercise. It is a spiritual practice that’s great for mental health and helps us become more grounded and in tune with our needs and this helps to reduce anxiety, migraines and helps battle depression.  Everyday life is very busy and de to insufficient movement and unhealthy lifestyles, too much caffeine and bad habits, we deal with a serious lack of vitality and energy as each day goes by.

“Yoga helps regenerate both our soul and body, as asanas unblock the stiffened energy in our body, aiding in metabolic processes and clearing the mind, helping us live in the here and now, far from stress, anxiety, and worries.”

 It also improves mental clarity, gives us focus, improves sleep quality and helps battle insomnia, and good night sleep is of great benefit to our health.

 3. It improves general body functioning, heart health and balances metabolism

The last, but not the least group of benefits of yoga are those that impact the functions of your body. Not so many practices in the world can help so much for your heart can cardiovascular system. It can help reduce inflammation and can prevent heart diseases, cancer or diabetes.It increases blood flow, aiding in proper circulation and is great for balancing out the metabolism, helping those who want to lose weight to do so. It is known that it boosts the immune system and drains the lymph, which further helps you battle infections and inflammations. Furthermore, yoga can improve the uptake of oxygen as asanas are followed by proper breathing techniques and it also drops blood pressure and regulates adrenal glands.


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