Everyone has been buzzing about how important protein and good carbs are to stay fit and energized. However, nutrition geeks can’t stress enough the importance of green foods as well. These elements are essential for our well being as much as unprocessed protein is.

“Green foods contain chlorophyll which is immensly important for blood-cell production and oxidation and benefits of green foods are huge, so by leveling up our diets with some of these foods can do us so much good. Here is why:”

1. Green foods balance out our body

No matter how much we try to eat healthily, our diets usually consist of acidic foods, such as fast food, soda or coffee. However, to stay healthy, our body needs to be at a proper pH balance. This means that daily intake of acidic foods, including also red meat, milk or peanuts needs to be balanced by alkaline foods, which are green foods. A balanced pH means higher resistance to diseases, better functioning of the organism as a whole, better-looking skin, and healthy organs.

2. Green foods are natural probiotics and prebiotics

Speaking of good things, probiotics are helpful bacteria that help our digestive system function properly and green foods are immensely rich in these, being natural probiotics. Prebiotics are fiber that helps attract these bacteria to help us digest food. Protein and carbohydrate-rich diets can feel heavy for the stomach and green foods can naturally solve problems such as swollen stomach or constipation. Dandelion greens, chicory root, artichoke, asparagus, onions, and garlic are just some foods with these properties, all great for our stomach.

3. They are great for detoxification

Health and fitness gurus and doctors keep bragging about how green foods are for detoxification and for a good reason. Due to the fast life, we are living, our bodies are exposed to certain amounts of toxicity that can damage our health. These could be different GMO’s, pollutants, additives, pesticides, a poor diet or other chemicals that are not good for our health. Green foods can naturally help us get rid of these harmful substances and spirulina, beets ginger, leafy greens or broccoli can help us a lot in our intention to be healthier.

4. They boost our immune system

It is not an unknown fact that green foods are natural immune system boosters. Broccoli and spinach, rich in vitamins A and C, garlic that helps our organism defeat germs thanks to sulfur-rich compounds or kale, which is rich in important fatty acids, chlorophyll and antioxidants are just some we can add to our diet to stay healthy. These foods will boost our organism’s capacity to defeat viruses and help us deal with flue a lot easier.

5. Green foods help us lose weight

Spinach, cucumber, celery, and green beans are just some of the long list of foods that are low in fats, rich in water and help maintain a healthy weight. These support the metabolism and help burn fat the healthiest way possible. Because we need fats to stay healthy, we need to make sure that while trying to reach the healthy weight we eat healthy fats and avocado is one of the healthiest sources of “good” fats. In general, green foods like leafy greens are very low in calories, and cruciferous vegetables are usually very filling, plus are rich in protein, making them a great choice for those who are opting for a vegan weight loss diet.


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