Immunity matters! In order to live a fulfilling life and stay healthy, we need to have a strong immune system. It is immensely important in order for us to thrive and survive, but what exactly is immunity and how do we build it?

The immune system is our organism natural shield against pathogenic organisms and influences that might cause us harm, causing infections, disbalance in the organism and weaken our health. The immune system is complex and is made of cells, tissues, proteins, and organs that are connected, spread throughout the body and made to protect our organism from harmful exterior influences. Here, white blood cells play an immensely important role, targeting and blocking these influences, where phagocytes absorb pathogens and break them in pieces, and lymphocytes, that remember these invaders, so our body can block them more successfully in the future.

Once a bacteria or a virus try to penetrate our body, the immune system, if it’s strong and well built, will protect the body from these attacks, keeping us healthy and our body vital even during the times of diseases. In other words, we are immune to these influences.

How to build and strengthen the immune system?

As we step into the adulthood, we have by far been exposed to many of these invaders and pathogens and the older we get, ou body builds a stronger immunity to them, decreasing chances of us catching diseases. Immunity, however, varies and is different from person to person, and while there are periods throughout life when its strength weakens, there are ways we can improve and boost it. Here are the three most important ones:

  1. Improve immunity – start a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet means adding as many vegetables, fruits and nuts to your diet possible. It also means going for the organic, unprocessed food and having a well-balanced diet, avoiding overeating or undereating. By taking optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, good fats, and fatty acids, we help our body stay healthy and get all the resources crucial for building immunity.

immunitybooster for your health

Immunity dietary supplement, organic nutraceutical

  1. Maintain immunity – balance between being active and resting

Physical exercise is far more important than we might think. It helps the body have to balance the metabolic system, lowers the blood pressure, boosts the level of good cholesterol and improves circulation, which all helps the body stay healthy. Periods of activity need to be accompanied with periods of rest and quality sleep, so our body gets a chance to recharge and sleep needs to be balanced.


  1. Do not demage immune system – avoid stimulants and depressants

Alcohol, medications, caffeine, cigarettes, and drugs seriously harm our health and decrease our body’s natural capability to warn off the pathogens.

“Stimulants and depressants are the number one health enemies and these not only not support cells, but actually have the power to completely destroy them, decreasing our life span.”

Avoiding these or at least taking the intake to a minimum, can help the body rebalance itself and helps the white blood cells do their job more easily.

In the end, because the modern life sometimes makes it hard for us to balance the diet, one of the best ways to boost the immune system is by taking a powerful supplement that has the power to truly elevate our health, no matter how fast we live.

IMMUBOO is a completely natural immunity booster made to help us remove the toxins from our body, support the immune system and help our body protect itself from all sorts of pathogens. This epigenetic nutraceutical food supplement also has the power to help the body get rid of dead cells, helping us regenerate way faster, feel better and stronger inside and out. Because it is made of completely natural ingredients and with zero ingredients of animal origin, IMMU BOO is ideal for those who are leading a vegan lifestyle, supportingg their diet the most natural possible way.


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