Losing weight while eating more? Is that even possible? One of the greatest misconceptions is the dieting world revolves around the concept that we have to cut the number of meals daily in order to get to the desired destination, which is less weight and a healthier body. The truth is, losing weight has to do with regulating our meals, but not the way we thought.

“ Gaining weight is all about calories intake and while we might decrease calories intake by eliminating one meal, usually dinner, from our list, we still will struggle to maintain balance in our body, go to bed starving and making whole weight loss process much harder than it needs to be.”

 Gaining weight while eating less is not only possible but most of all can be good for you. Here is what stands behind the idea and few rules to help guide you on your weight loss journey.


  1. Find the mix of quality and quantity

…as this will help you feel full and stay healthy. Quality of the food you eat plays a really major role in the weight loss journey. Processed food is not only defiant in important vitamins and minerals but is also rich in sugar and additives which, no matter how seemingly healthy what you eat is, will at the end of the day aid weight gain. This means that replacing processed food with organic, unprocessed food will give your body essential nutrients only, and this means no surprises and unexpected calories. By eating healthy, and increasing the number of vegetables and fruits in your daily life, you will be able to combine both the quantity of food and the quality of it, resulting in faster, better weight loss.


  1. More doesn’t mean more calories

…as there are plenty of healthy foods you can eat in massive quantities and still not reach the daily calories intake that will result in weight gain. Most fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and, especially if prepared to be delicious, can make us feel full, improve health help lose weight. One of the best examples of such foods are apples, bananas and vegan and vegetarian food products, like almond milk and vegan chocolate. These have fewer calories than our stomach feels and ill keep us healthy and full. Moreover, some foods and drinks, like green tea and leafy green vegetables, even when eaten in larger quantities have natural weight loss properties to them, so even if the calories intake is higher, these will still help your body get rid of undesired pounds.


  1. Combine a healthy diet with proper exercise

Last, but not least, eating healthy must always be combined with proper exercise. Moreover, if chosen properly and practiced regularly, any physical activity can help you lose weight, even when you are taking some extra calories. Cutting on calories intake is ever easy, but, the exercise by its nature has the power to burn calories. The precondition for faster weight loss, of course, is following the previous two tips. Even when our diet includes some extra calories and vegan proteins, exercise will burn that extra, toning out body and allowing us to be in the best shape possible.


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