“Many of us would like to invest in health more, and yet managing a healthy lifestyle sometimes seems like not an easy task. But, there are things we can do for ourselves that require little effort and do so much for our health. Here are 5 simple ways you can improve the quality of your life and make every day a bit better.”

1.) Change your sleeping pattern… and stick to it

One of the biggest problems of modern life is that we don’t get enough sleep or have very irregular sleeping patterns. As a result, we are fatigued throughout the day, moody and tired, which affects the quality of our life and makes even simple tasks burdensome. By establishing a healthy sleep pattern and going to bed before midnight, we allow our body to follow it’s a natural cycle, helping it regenerate and regain strength for the next day. Hormones our body releases during sleep are essential to our immune system. So, once the body establishes it’s rhythm, you’ll find it easier to take daily tasks and will be less stressed, fatigued and less prone to diseases and viruses.


2.) Find a hobby that will keep you physically active

Staying active is important, but there are plenty of those who are not big fans of sport and gym. The good news is, there are plenty of recreative and fun ways to stay fit and healthy. Long walks, hiking, riding a bicycle, snorkeling, swimming or dancing are just some. Being physically active will not only help you stay in shape, but it also prevents cancer, cardiovascular diseases and boosts your immune system. Being active is important for your mind as well, and so being active will reduce stress, improve memory and help fight anxiety.



3.) Detoxify your thoughts and body

Detox is about removing everything that’s harming your wellbeing. Free radicals, various contaminants, and toxins are part of our life and to get the best of every day, we need to help the body release these toxins by eating healthy, cutting on processed food and replacing it with organic food and drinks only. Detox is also about the mind. Combine 10 minutes of meditation or relaxation techniques with a favorite detox drink, fruit or vegetable each day, and you’ll do a lot for your wellbeing.



4.) Go green every day

Going green is about being environment-conscious, but also about adding more green fruits and vegetables to your daily menu. It is proven that consuming even small amounts of green foods daily help with anti-aging as it increases blood-cell production, supports circulation and boosts the immune system, cardiovascular system and improves brain and heart functioning. Green foods also detoxify the liver, alkalize the body and keep us feeling energized and balanced, which is so needed in our busy lives.



5.) Choose your drinks wisely

In the end, what our body needs the most, besides crucial nutrients and vitamins is water. Choose your drinks wisely, drink pure water as much as you can and try to cut sugary drinks, replace coffee with herbal tea, a juice from the shop with fresh lemonade or homemade orange juice. Water and healthy drinks not only hydrate our cells but help regulate weight, support physical activity and boost the energy as well.




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