There is probably nothing more annoying than being unable to follow through even the simplest tasks because you feel tired all the time.

“No matter how much you sleep, every activity seems draining and you can’t concentrate on what you have to do, finding it hard to put in the energy into work, or even meeting with friends.”

In theses, even liters of coffee can’t help to shake you up and give you the boost you need. For those who just can’t figure out what causes such extreme tiredness, here are the possible reasons that might help you solve the problem, so they can be a more productive version of themselves.


  1. Inconsistent day rhythm 

In the modern world, many people work inconsistent shifts, which makes it difficult to have a well-established day routine. However, in order to feel well-rested, it is important to create a daily routine that is easy to follow and that adapts to your lifestyle, in order for your body to regenerate and get used to the rhythm you plan for yourself. Make sure you always have main meals in about the same time of the day and try to stick to it. Your body will be very thankful and you will feel more energized.


  1. Lack of physical activity 

People who don’t get very physical during the week tend to feel more tired than those who exercise. The reason for that lies in the fact that physical activity stimulates circulation and energizes the body and reduces fatigue. If this seems familiar, make sure to give some physical activity a chance, be it hitting the gym or walking more, as it will not only make you fit but also increase the energy level.


  1. Lack of sleep  

Lack of sleep or lack of quality sleep is maybe the obvious reason why you are tired. But many people underestimate their need for sleep or have an irregular sleep cycle. When you go to bed, make sure the room is completely dark, sheets warm and window open. Try to get to bed before midnight, set the alarm to wake you up at the same time every day and make sure not to give in to the charm of the snooze button. Having a healthy sleep cycle with no interruptions will do a lot both for your mental health and your productiveness.


  1. Bad diet  

If you eat food that is hard to digest, skip meals or don’t eat enough, a diet filled with refined carbs or food that causes bloating and feels too heavy can drastically decrease energy levels. Make sure you have regular meals, eat enough healthy foods and stick to healthy calorie intake. Skipping meals and overeating can both have a negative effect on your overall productivity so make sure you stick to your diet regime and try skipping fast food as much as you can.


  1. Dehydration 

Did you now that the most natural way to wake up it to drink a glass of cold water? Dehydration can cause trouble with mental activity, concentration, and memory, but also makes even simple moves feel like extremely draining activities. Water refreshes and wakes up the body, so if you are struggling with constant tiredness try increasing the amount of water you drink throughout the day.


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