Organic food for your optimal diet

Organic food and their 3 great benefits to your diet

Organically grown food, iron absorption, cancer prevention, strengthening immunity system, improving health conditions and benefits

Organic food is rich of nutrients and the best way of nutrion and diet.. It is is the type of food our ancestors used to grow back in the days. It is completely naturally-grown food, without the use of pesticides, chemicals, harmful fertilizers, or bioengineered genes. When all those chemicals get out of the equation, you get something immensely good for your overall health. Whether you are planning on growing your own little garden or you want to get more info on organic food to help you navigate your diet, you are in the right place.

There is plenty of content online that emphasizes the importance of eating organic food and ditching the processed inorganic and in the text below we are going to uncover what that actually means, and why organically grown fruits and veggies are so beneficial for your health.

1.    Organic food serves more nutrients for you!

Conventionally grown food, unlike organic food, in today’s food industry isn’t as rich in nutrients as organic food is. The reason? When chemically processed and treated, as it gets exposed to heat and additives, food loses some of its nutrients, meaning you end up with a meal that has a smaller percentage of nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins than it has in its organic state. In some cases, even though your diet is mainly vegetarian and vegan, when inorganic and processed, food may lose up to 70% percent of its beneficial compounds, which then, minimizes the powerfully positive effect these diets can have on your health.

Diet supplement from organic food serves natural sources of serotonin

Nutraceutical made of organic food, rich in minerals, vitamins.

MAKE U HAPPY from For Long Life

Dietary supplement Make U Happy is rich of natural sources of serotonin from organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

An important effect of well-filled serotonin containers is clearly increased alertness, concentration, and mental and physical endurance.

Serotonin modulates also other new hormones by its receptors that are occurring in many parts of the brain, such as the melatonin (the „sleeping hormone“), the acetylcholine (the “memory hormone”), dopamine (the “happiness hormone”), estrogen and testosterone (the “sex hormones”), and oxytocin (the “love hormone”).

2.    Organic food diet reduces health risks

Because organic food is so nutritious and rich fiber, minerals and vitamins, that you’d otherwise have less of on your plate when serving inorganic food, going organic with your diet means that you will not only improve your overall health, but also boost the immune system and help your body build stronger defenses against pathogens and toxins.

Being mindful of what you eat in this case will help prevent seasonal flu, minimize the effect of allergies, help you bring blood pressure and blood sugar to balance, but also prevent various diseases, including autoimmune diseases and different types of cancer.


3.    Getting the most of your diet

So many health issues come from a bad diet. Since organic food is what our ancestors grew up on, so when eating the food that is 100% natural, you are able to maximize the potency of what you eat. Organic food nourishes the body, energizes you, aids metabolic processes, helps in balancing hormones, battles fatigue, and tiredness. It is great for the digestive system, has a positive effect on the mood, and is beneficial for brain and heart function.

By going for an organic-based diet, you also make a contribution to the environment, as there are no fertilizes, pesticides and GMO’s polluting the food or the ground it’s grown on.


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