5 crucial minerals for your health, you must not forget to supply!

Minerals are essential for your body

In order to function in optimal way, human body requires adequate nutrition composed of, among others, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, minerals cannot be synthesized by the organism itself, so it is necessary to supply them in sufficient quantities through diet or dietary supplements. Minerals crucial for the optimal functioning of the organism are listed below.

Calcium for your bones, teeth and against over acidification

Calcium form inorganic minerals, not from cow’s milk, is the most valuable mineral in human body, especially in bones and teeth. Calcium contributes to normal energy metabolism, body weight, normal muscle function, normal nervous system function and normal digestive enzyme function. Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones and teeth condition.

Where you can find the mineral calcium? In poppy, sesame, chia seeds, cheese and dairy products, almonds, dark green vegetables (spinach, cabbage).

Potassium for healthy heart and nerves

Potassium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, to the normal functioning of the muscles and to maintaining the normal blood pressure. Potassium affects the electrical activity of the heart muscle and is therefore a key element in maintaining an ideal heart rhythm. The body needs potassium to build up proteins from amino acids, as well as to break down carbohydrates, maintain a balanced pH level in the blood, also to support proper growth and development, and as a nerve tonic. It also has a positive effect on sensory perception.
Where you can find the mineral potassium? In potatoes, bananas, watermelon, black beans, beets.

Magnesium for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body

Magnesium contributes to fatigue reduction and exhaustion, contributes to electrolyte balance and to normal energy metabolism. It affects the functioning of muscles and nerves, helps maintain a regular heart rhythm, strengthens bones and supports the immune system. Magnesium maintains healthy kidneys, heart and brain.
Where you can find the mineral magnesium? In spinach, pumpkin seeds, avocado, legumes, almonds, tofu.

Zinc for your immunity

Zinc is a crucial component for the immune system and helps to fight infections and wound healing. Zinc has a strong antioxidant capacity. It is also important for proper sexual development and the development of the reproductive system. Zinc helps maintain a healthy visual system, hair, nails and skin. It affects the metabolism of acids and bases in the body, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein synthesis and metabolism of macronutrients.
Where you can find the mineral zinc? In Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, lamb and beef, legumes, spinach.

Iron for healthy blood

Iron contributes to the normal production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, this blood mineral, as iron is sometimes called, has an effect on the healthy development and growth of tissues.
Where you can find the mineral iron? In meat, dark green vegetables, fatty seafood and seafood, legumes, tofu, eggs.

Minerals your body needs is in Mitracell

Are you sure you eat enough of above mentioned foods rich in minerals? If not, you have to add it to your diet in the form of nutraceuticals. We recommend MITRACELL from For Long Life.

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