weak immune system symptoms

Immune system weakness – learn 6 warning visible symptoms.

Do you often have skin problems, cold hands and feets or frequent infections? Your immune system talks to you.

An immune system is the shield of your organism, and when it’s not functioning properly, the body suffers.

While a weak immune system can be a catalyst for serious health issues, like pneumonia, cancer, asthma or bronchitis, allergies, meningitis, and autoimmune diseases, the manifestations of its poor functioning can be far less severe, but still impacting your overall health.

Be it the bad diet, stressful life, lack of activity and rest, or all combined, when the immune system weaknes your body will alert you. Here are some easy-to notice health issues to look for if you are suspecting your immunity isn’t at it’s optimum.

Immunity weakness symptom no. 01: Frequent rashes and skin problems

When natural defenses of the body weaken, the most visible organ to suffer is the skin. Rashes, infections, redness and increased sensitivity of skin are all signs that your body can’t produce a shield against external factors.

When it’s not properly protected, the skin is vulnerable to various pathogens, which can make it itchy, dry, patchy, rough and far more prone to damage.

Immunity weakness symptom no. 02: Wounds heal slow

One of the functions of the immune system is to help repair damaged cells quickly and restore the balance in the body when needed. If your bruises and wounds are slow to heal, you can rest assured that your immunity is not at it’s best and therefore can’t regenerate wounded spots as fast as it should.

Immunity weakness symptom no. 03: Cold hands and feet

Bluish, purplish or pale skin are signals that your blood vessels aren’t protected, and may, in fact, be inflamed. Bad circulation and anemia are closely related to having cold feet and hands, which altogether are linked to a poorly functioning immune system. In this case, just like with all other signs of weakened defenses, the immune response is usually slow which affects the blood flow.

Immunity weakness symptom no. 04: Constant fatigue or numbness

Weak immune system - often tired
Weak immune system manifestation – tiredness, fatigue

Tiredness and numbness are frequently signs that your body can’t cope with stress and pathogens coming from the environment. If you feel tired all the time, numb or can’t find enough strength to go about your day, even when you get enough sleep, it is likely that your immune system is weak and is trying to save last atoms of your energy for potential emergencies.

Immunity weakness symptom no. 05: Hair loss

One of frequently overlooked signs of a weakened immune system. What happens is that when the immunity is sluggish, it may turn against your hair so to speak, failing to nourish hair cells and protect the scalp, which may cause hair breakage, dryness and hair loss.

Symptoms of weak immune system
Warning symptom of weak immunity

Immunity weakness symptom no. 06: Frequent colds and infections

Last, but not least, if you are one of those people who need antibiotics at least two times a year and you seem to be sneezing, coughing and feeling weak, frequently catching colds, you might need to boost your immune system.

Ultimately, if you find that seasonal flu and viruses like visiting you, it is a sign that your immune system isn’t strong enough to say no to these unwanted visits.

weak immune system symptoms - infection
Frequent infection is a symptom of weak immunity

Boost your immune system

If you notice the symptoms listed above it is the time to improve your immune system.

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