What happens with your body over 50

Fifty+: Learn what happens to your body after 50

Although fifty years is no old age now from the career, self-realization and various social activities point of view, many processes in your body are gradually deteriorating. In order this to happen as slowly as possible, it is necessary to start changing some things in your life. The sooner before your fifty you start, the better. Ideally you should be as healthy as possible and in the best possible condition before you are 50. The good news is, there is the chance for healthy aging for most of us!

Take a look at the 12 biggest changes with your body after you have reached age of fifty and some concise recommendations. We will go through each of them more thoroughly in our next blogs. We are also going to reveal to you something about the telomerase theory of aging and the importance of the telomerase activator.

Brain health over 50: gradual slowdown

Though an individual in his fifties uses much more brain functions than in his twenty-five, from the point of view of thinking and memory, the brain may gradually begin to slow down.

So if you want to keep your brain functioning in the best possible condition even after the age of 50, definitely focus on your diet. The Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats (olive, rapeseed oils) is ideal.

Mental health in 50+ is more endangered in women

Most people in their fifties live a full and satisfied life nowdays. Age over 50 has a greater impact only to women menthal health, as hormonal fluctuations cause mood swings and can lead to depressions, especially if woman drinks more alcohol at this age.

If women wants to feel mentally good, she should start moving more. So, whether you are woman or man, include at least a continuous 30-minute walk in your daily routine, and add another favorite sport at least twice a week.

Healthy aging - move and sport more

Your immune system produces fewer leukocytes after 50

The immune system no longer is reacting to the threat of various viruses, bacteria or fungi in the same way as before. The body gradually begins to produce fewer leukocytes to fight infections. So it is much easier for you to get the flu, pneumonia, but also, for example, so much topical coronavirus.

Therefore, you should start thinking more about boosting your immune system.

Hearing affected in 40 % of those over fifty

As many as 40% of those over 50 have a hearing problems. In addition to age, genetics and health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes, also play a role.

If you feel that your hearing is no longer what it used to be, see a doctor. Hearing problems also have solutions. Still better than worrying about it and isolating yourself from the people and things you love. Even poor hearing can easily lead to depression.

Your bones begin to weaken over 50

In youth, the body can replace worn bone cells with new – strong ones. When you are fifty, there are so many damaged bone cells that you can never replace completely agains. The bones then begin to weaken naturally.

In order to pospone the weakening of the bones as much as possible, start to consum foods high in calcium and vitamin D. And start moving more. It also is good to focus on strengthening individual muscle areas, because strengthened muscles can help keep bones strong. Add walking and hiking.

Also your muscles begin to weaken over 50

The muscles begin to weaken more naturally after the age of fifty. If you want to stay in physical condition and strength as long as possible, then you must start strengthening them at least 2-3 times a week. Squats and lunges can help a lot.

In addition to strengthening your muscles, your balance also needs to improve.

Joints tissue thins over your 50

Tissue with cartilage, which dampens our joints when moving, thins with age.

If you want to prevent joint pain and arthritis that would otherwise occur over time, focus on your posture. If you lean back, you put excessive pressure on your joints, as well as if you are overweight.

Also follow the drinking regime, because at the moment of thirst, the body also draws fluid from the joint tissue.

Heart attack risk increases significantly

In fifty years, the risk of heart attack also increases significantly. Therefore, quit smoking, start managing your weight and check your blood pressure from time to time. Change your diet, start exercise regularly. To keep your heart and blood vessels in the best possible condition, try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Clicks are recommended for men.

Healthy aging. Are you 50+?

Hair thins and shrinks

Your hair begins to thin, turn gray and in men even recede in the corner area before your fifty already. Change your diet in addition to using supportive cosmetics. Eat foods rich in vitamins A and B, check wheter you do not suffer from iron and/or zink lack.

Skin becomes dry, less nice-looking over fifty

Around the age of fifty, all transgressions associated with sun damage from youth begin to appear on the skin. Thus, age spots, pigment spots, but also signs of cancer can appear. At the same time, you may suffer from extra dry body skin. Unfortunately, what you neglected in your youth, you will not improve in your fifties. But you can ease some problems if you quit smoking and with proper diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and zinc.

Eye lens hardens over 50

If you squint your eyes while reading, it is because your eye lens hardens with age. They can’t switch so quickly from distant focus on close up view and vice versa.

Go to regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist from the age of 40, use reading glasses, avoid smoking and add vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, and zinc to your diet.

Hormonal changes in woman change her life significantly over 50

Menopause occurs on average around the age of 51. With declining hormones production, women begin to suffer from hot flashes, mood swings and very dry skin. At the same time, there are unplesant changes to vagina (begins to thin, is insufficient moisture …). The women can either ask their gynecologist or also start with suitable sport, proper diet and supplementation with natural products. Natural products shall also help with possible depresion.

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