How anxiety can turn your life upside down

An anxiety attack appears suddenly, uninvited, unexpected and it cripples you with such force that you get the feeling of the end of life.

According to various studies, up to 11% of the population suffers from anxiety today. Many managers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and celebrities etc. suffer from this this disease of civilization. Yes, the anxiety is disease of civilization.

Fear helps, anxiety paralyzes

Fear is one of the most important and useful emotions that helps you survive. Anxiety is also fear, but unlike it, it is not helpful. The persistent anxiety gradually robs you of freedom of thought and, consequently, behavior.

The difference between fear and anxiety lies mainly in the subject of your concerns: fear has a relatively limited and specific subject, in the case of anxiety it is not completely clear and often changes. You are basically anxious that one of your catastrophic scenarios will come true.

For example, you are afraid that you will fail in a job or a relationship, someone will hurt you or your loved ones, or that you will faint in a crowded space or lose control of your mind. As the fear fades as the danger subsides, anxiety keeps returning.

How do you recognize an anxiety attack?

With a common routine, such as a shopping, you suddenly feel sick, faint. Your head is tingling, your breathing is bad, your heart is pounding, you breathe shallowly, you feel strong pressure on your chest, your throat is constricted, you tap. If you’re in a building or on public transportation, you feel irresistible that you need to get out quickly. You’re trying to “breathe” it out. But no relief.

You decide to go home fast. But even here this strange, exhausting feeling does not go away.

You seek medical help because you suspect a heart attack, stroke or other serious illness. After a routine examination, you are probably leaving with a diagnosis of exhaustion and stress, excess caffeine or the flu.


You don’t understand. You don’t know what to do. You are worried about every minute, hour, trip, leaving home. You don’t want to experience those weird attacks anymore. The feeling of hopelessness is getting stronger.

You need help with anxiety

Anxiety is not a disease and you cannot die from it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deal with anxiety on your own.Furthermore. In addition, untreated anxiety disorder unfortunately does not go away on its own; on the contrary, it tends to worsen.

According to a German study, a people with anxiety disorder do not seek professional help until, on average, seven years after the first attack. However, the sooner you start dealing with your anxiety disorder, the sooner success can come. You will get much more difficulties toget over from untreated anxiety.

Anxiety is successfully treated with psychotherapy. In more severe cases, it is supplemented by psychotropic drugs, which, however, takes its toll in the form of loss of energy and emotions. Before you start to take a psychotropic drug, try natural sources of serotonin, e,g, in dietary supplements, nuts, salmon, pineapple, etc. (read more from the blog Serotonin & you: Do you battle with depression or anxiety?)

5 hacks how you can help yourselves with anxiety attack

We can overcome mild anxiety on our own.

  • Try to consciously separate yourself from the automatic content of your mind associated with what is evoking your anxiety. Take a counter-impulse – change the environment, start walking, play loud music …
  • Change your diet. Include foods rich in antioxidants, magnesium, folic acid and probiotics.
  • Breathe properly. Unpleasant conditions accompanying an attack of anxiety are caused by subconscious shortening of the breath, which leads to an increased concentration of oxygen in the blood.
  • Alcohol is not a cure for anxiety. On the contrary. When the effects of alcohol subside, the anxiety returns even stronger. Alcohol destroys the fragile neurophysiological balance.
  • Manage your energy better. On the contrary, healthy physical fatigue, which we feel after some sports activity, helps with anxiety. Cardio exercises are especially recommended.

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