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Tony grew up in Prague in the heart of Europe. He completed his university studies in Heidelberg, Germany. During his studies in 1984 he bought his first book about the hormone household of men and women and it became his hobby to get to know how the human organism works. Since that he regularly read books on biochemistry, biomarkers, supplements, nutraceuticals, epigenetic and etc. He has read studies on the internet, attended multiple workshops and conferences.

In 2010, after 25 years of self-study, he decided to change his business from recycling to a health phenomenon called “diseases of civilization” and “prolongation of human life”. He started developing our first epigenetic supplement to our “FOR A LONG LIFE” concept, which you can see in our online store, and then other exceptional products followed.

About Us and Our Production

FOR LONG LIFE Inc., USA is an international group working in the field of human health, lifestyle and quality of life, which brings together leading healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers from around the world to develop unique products that serve human health. Our established international network combines knowledge from different disciplines to understand what science can provide today to the health needs of people around the world.


We manufacture and distribute our exceptional VEGAN epigenetic nutraceuticals for the holistic functioning of the human body and immunity-modulators in the USA and EU. Our products are created to fight all kinds of civilisation diseases, boost health and are ideal for healthy-ageing enthusiasts.


Commonly known diseases and their symptoms are treated by targeted cell nutrition and thus offer a recovery solution without side effects


Our mission is to share our knowledge, to develop our own mushroom farms where we use a clean environment similar to that of a forest far away from polution. We feed our medicinal mushrooms with mineral fertiliser to achieve a maximum bio availability and quality of substance contained in our products. The same we do with our own plantation of herbs for our production. We base our creativity, experience, scientific, business and marketing skills on the development of advanced future nutraceuticals and natural medicines that we develop to improved human health world wide.



Our vision is to find and bring new technologies and procedures to the market in the fields of the future healing of mankind. Especially through research in nature in different countries of the world like Indonesia and Paraguay.


For Long Life production in USA

Supplements for the holistic functioning of the human body

We use HEALING MUSHROOMS & HERBS from our own plantations.

vegan - healthy life


oraganic - healthy life


gluten free - healthy life


non gmo - healthy life



Dr. Isabella Tausz MD ND
Triple board certified medical doctor and naturopath

She specializes in Holistic, Functional, Regenerative Medicine and further excels in Naturopathic, Longevity, Anti-Ageing, Preventive and Energy Medicine, as well as Rainforest Medicine and Nutritional Therapy. Dr. Isabella is committed to treating root causes to eliminate disease, instead of just band-aiding symptoms, all naturally. She loves getting to the bottom of things and fixing them, even if it's sometimes challenging and may take time, because she knows that that’s the only way to deeply heal and achieve true health. After more than 20 years of clinical practice, having extensively studied various natural healing modalities, as well as herself implementing them, and having experienced their long-term, deep healing effects on herself and thousands of patients, she developed an all-natural, holistic health transformation program, called THE ART OF HEALING to help you overcome health challenges and become the healthiest person you have ever known - physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually and look-wise. The heart and brains behind CURINGOLOGY, health mentor and author of four books, she provides a real, lasting solution to a complete purification and regeneration of body and mind, to achieve deep, true healing and abundant health. Because true health is the natural state of your being. And it's right under your nose! Further insights, Dr. Isabella's bestselling books and 3 month 'Art of Healing' program on www.curingology.com

Ph.D. Aditya Sharma
Ph.D in Natural Health, Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals R&D

Dr. Sharma holds a Ph.D in natural Health, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Master in physical chemistry A certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell University. He has participated in the following programs at Harvard Medical School: Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management; Lifestyle Medicine for Stress; Lifestyle Medicine: Osteoporosis, and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Sharma also writes articles for magazines such as Your Health Connection and L.A. Yoga. He has been in practice more than 29 years. Dr. Sharma lectured at California State University, Los Angeles.

Dr. Leonardo Gonzales
Board Certified Physician in Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine

Dr. Leonardo Gonzalez is a Board Certified Physician in Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine by the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M). He also is a Diplomate of the Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship from A4M. Dr. Gonzalez is the president of the Latin American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and The Colombian Association of Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine. His training and expertise has created demand not only for his medical skills but also creates many requests from his colleagues for his instructorship. Dr. Gonzalez has taught in South America and across the U.S., including the Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship from A4M. Dr. Gonzalez received his medical degree from the National University of Colombia. He is the Medical Director at Zelula Institute in Bogota, Colombia. The rare medical freedom he enjoyed in Colombia enabled him to greatly expand knowledge and experience in a multitude of disciplines and treatments not normally found in medicine. This special situation enabled him to work extensively with innovative cancer therapies and treatments for some chronic degenerative diseases. At his clinic he addresses cancers via safe and effective protocols engaging off-label pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vaccines and other types of immunotherapy, novel drugs/substances not yet approved in the U.S. in addition to traditional therapy. His current research in the use of stem cells as a drug delivery system for the treatment of cancer.

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