An anxiety attack appears suddenly, uninvited, unexpected and it cripples you with such force that you get the feeling of the end of life. According to various studies, up to 11% of the population suffers from anxiety today. Many managers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and celebrities etc. suffer from this this disease of civilization. Yes, the […]

Aging is annoying, but it’s the only way to live long With age, changes occur in the human body, which are primarily manifested by a decrease in many biological functions and also a decrease in adaptability to changes associated with metabolic and psychological stress. These physiological changes are usually accompanied by changes in behavior. The […]

It is possible without antidepressant! Feeling anxious at times is normal and important. It is a natural activation of organism to solve a certain problem or sutation. Such concerns will cease once the situation is resolved.However, when it comes to lingering concerns, they lose their activating effect. “What if” questions and fear of the worst […]

Beta-glucans have been one of the most studied immunomodulators in the last twenty years. Also their hypocholesterolemic effects and the abbility to correct the glycemic and insulin response has been proven. Read why they enjoy such an emerging interest. What is beta-glucan Beta – glucan is a unique natural complex polysaccharide, containing D- glucose subunits, […]

Serrapptase: A mirracle enzyme Serrapeptase is, like some other proteolytic enzymes, known for its pain and inflammation curing effects. Some Europen and Japan research show that serrapeptase is the most effective proteolytic enzyme for reducing inflammation. In addition, it may also decrease the risk of infections, prevent blood clots, and relief from certain chronic respiratory […]

Trace elements are now possible to measure Common definition of trace elements is: Elements which are detected in small but not precisely known amounts in the living body, required to perform vital metabolic activities in organism. Recent advances in analytical technologies have made it possible to measure these elements precisely and to determine their functions […]

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