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About Us and Our Production

Project FOR LONG LIFE Inc., USA belongs to Trisystems Ltd. an international industrial group founded by Antonin Tony Spirit in 2010 in the area of health, lifestyle, ecology and quality of life. Industry leaders, scientists and researchers from around the world bring their knowledge together to develop unique products for people's health. Our well-established international network combines knowledge from various fields to understand what science can do to meet the needs of people around the world today. The combination of scientists and business people gives us a unique knowledge and understanding of the status of science and market. Based on this cooperation and our knowledge, we have already developed various products, of which Light of Life was very successfully launched on the international market in 2016 and followed by other unique and outstanding products.



Our mission is to share our knowledge, to develop projects, to create new businesses like For Long Life inc. We base our creativity, experience, scientific, business and marketing skills on the development of advanced nutraceuticals and natural medicines that we develop for the future better health of humans.


Our vision is to find and bring new technologies and procedures to the market in the fields of the future healing of mankind. Especially through research in nature in different countries of the world like Indonesia and Paraguay.

For Long Life production in USA


For Long Life production in EU