Light of Life is a combination of natural and body own compounds which are designated to slow down the ageing process.

The stabilized composition will penetrate the cell membranes and activate an enzyme in the nucleus which keep your cells young.

Totaly stopping ageing will be exaggerated. Enternal life is still belonging to the dream world but delaying the ageing process has become a reality.

Telomeres are the end portions of chromosomes. They are essential for cell division and at each mitosis (cell division) will be shortened.

Telomerase is an enzyme that is able to extend telomeres (in quantity).

It is basic - and by ageing declining - system that decides about your life span. It can be influenced by correct/incorrect nutrition and exercise but stays in the first place a primary status between old and young on cellular level.

Cancer cells have a total different metabolism. They nourish themselves by glycolysis rejecting oxygen. They keep the telomeres also intact in order to live longer. After 5 years of scientific discussion and research there wasn't any proof that enhancing the telomerase enzyme was a negative factor. At the other hand by keeping the good cells young and healthy the cancer cells couldn't find so easy new victims to spread (metastasis).

Bio medical and certainly genetic research is not a mathematical science. Daily there are new findings which moderate former ones. This is the source of different opinions.

One package is for two months (using two capsules daily). After two motnh using, we recommend one month break.

Yes there are a lot of positive side effects. You get after time a younger look for your age. You get a more efficient sleep pattern. You feel more active.

The first changes you should feel after 3-4 weeks. Of course you have to take the whole package.

A medicine is a product to heal you when you are ill in order to urgently repair your ill status. The domain of medical doctors and pharmaceutics. A supplement is a product that mainly should be in your nutrition but that by a lot of modern interference in agriculture and food prepare disappeared and has to be added to your nutritional intake to keep you healthy. The domain of scientists and licensed nutritionists.