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November 14 2019
I have gout for almost 2 years and often experience tingling. advice from the doctor there are some foods that I may not consume, because it will trigger gout I relapse. One day she brought me GOUTHEAL, according to what her suggested I consume GOUTHEAL and until now. I felt a tremendous change and without fear of eating, my favorite food. GOUTHEAL is super
June 27 2019
Amazing supplement for gout! Highly recommended!
May 17 2019
I have gout since many years. People that don't know this disease cannot imagine how it can complicate everyday life. Sometimes I was suffered by terrible pain and my legs were swollen and that made me unable to walk. Every day I sat on pc and tried to find something that could help me. Once, I've found website for long life and I had feeling I should try their Goutheal. I have to tell you, it was the best decision in my life. Goutheal really helped me. Swollen legs and terrible pain started to disappear. Actually I ordered next 2 bottles for next 2 months and 1 package of Serrapeptase. I hope in better and better effect.
March 17 2019
I am not a friend of healers and herbalists, but what this product did with my body after 3 weeks of using... incredible.. It convinced me I still have a lot of things to learn.
March 12 2019
I have psoriasis and gout already for 8 years now and the only one thing doctor prescribed to me is corticoids. I've found Gouthel on the internet and decided to try it. After 4 weeks I dropped off corticoids, my skin improved by 40% and thumb on my right hand doesn't hurt me anymore. I bought another bottle and I believe my condition going to be better and better...
February 27 2019
Can you imagine that your eternally swollen knees, wrists and elbows just disappeared and you want to go out for a walk with your dog again? For Long Life does not say nonsenses but makes products that really work. Thanks to your Goutheal I was able to make my dog happy again after 3 weeks. Maria