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Enrique G
November 11 2019
It's work, very amazing product. I love it!
August 24 2019
Like this product! Still experimenting with its effects.
July 04 2019
I feel changes in 5 weeks of use. I feel very energetic and thin wrinkles on my face are reduced and hair is more shiny. Highly recommended.
May 29 2019
I have been using TA65 since many years. However it's too expensive and when I've found Light of Life I didn't hesitate to order this supplement. Now, I use it almost 3/4 year and I am satisfied👍
March 02 2019
Do you know what I love the most? Really precisious detailed design, amazing health benefits and the most important thing = it's VEGAN! Awesome! Excellent job and recommend!
February 19 2019
I've already tried many supplements from astragalus and cycloastragenol and I must say this one is the best!
February 14 2019
I feel it supports my immunity. This year I wasn't sick like I've always been in this time for many many years.
February 13 2019
my skin looks fresher and younger and wrinkles are not so visible, I have more energy, better sleep but price could be lower
February 09 2019
Great investment into your beauty and health!
January 25 2019
I cannot decide if i feel something or not
January 24 2019
I think effects are individual. For example I really can see results at my parents - they look fresher, more energized and generally more younger. But from my side results are not so big. I feel better and I think my skin is not so dry as before. But at my parents results are bigger.
January 11 2019
Sooooo expensive! But works great
December 29 2018
Pretty cool package! I have never seen like this before
December 02 2018
November 23 2018
I am using this product almost 2 years and I am more than satisfied. My skin is awesome, shiny, fresh with less pigment dots and less wrinkles. This product should be base for every women, because we deserve it!
November 13 2018
I've noticed improvement of my memory.
November 07 2018
Honestly I felt nothing after 1 package.... People around me told me I look different - better but I didn't notice any change
October 29 2018
Cannot believe my wrinkles are almost gone! This is really amazing antiaging product! I recommended to my best friends. One of them already ordered.
September 22 2018
Simply amazing! I feel improvement of my vision! I've not been at the doctor so I don't know how many dioptres I have right now, but I think there is an improvement of half a dioptrie
September 21 2018
I've already eaten 1 "bulb" and it looks like it reversed my hair loss. I will continue in using this product and let's see.
July 03 2018
Sorry, I haven't feel any improvements. However I like the bulb as design of package.
June 28 2018
Light of Life has become a heart affair for all our family. Whenever any family member has any celebration, gets Light of Life :-) We love this product and we feel and see benefits too.
June 10 2018
Excellent combination of super cool design and healthy benefits. I really feel it improves something in my body. I also noticed my hair are more shiny then before.
June 09 2018
WOW! I am so surprised with the results! Please contant me thru my email! I will help you grow faster. I know many people with retail shops.
June 05 2018
Light of life has increased my energy and my skin is already looking better. I take 2 pills per day as recommended daily dosage. I further recommend this product.
June 01 2018
This design is amazing! Love it! Love it! Love it!
May 27 2018
Fast shipment, great communication, product as promised.
May 12 2018
I use Light of Life already more than 1 year (I ate 4 bulbs) and I really see results. Hair grows faster, I lost 6 kilos, my body doesn't hold so much water and my thoughts are faster - my brain works better! I am so happy I've discovered your company
April 29 2018
Nothing special
April 19 2018
Light of life was one of the best things i've tried in past year. Ordering my third batch. My nails and hair look healthier I have more energy and feel positive again
February 18 2018
Works well as I expected no side effects.
February 13 2018
Love your brand and your products! I've tried everything and recommend to everyone! ❤ï¸
February 07 2018
My husband bought Light of Life for me like Christmas gift and I was sooo enthusiastic! I absolutely love the packaging it's pretty cool!!! I have never seen something like this!
January 01 2018
I was skeptical but I was searching competitive products and then decided to order Light of life. This product become my favorite product, it gives me a nice energy boost. I can also see visible changes on my skin - it helps me with wrinkles and aging spots. Thanks.
December 19 2017
Fast shipment before Christmas. Thank you
December 18 2017
I use Light of life for longer time yet I think now it is about almost 2 years and I am really satisfied. Results are visible and many people around me ask me how I do it that I look better every time they see me
October 28 2017
It works well, I feel younger, I have really nice skin - my wrinkles are not so visible like before and some pigment spots have disappeared! Love it!
October 27 2017
Taking it for 5 months now and strongly recommend to everyone. Feel much better. Have more energy better sex, hair, nails and skin.
October 25 2017
I definitely feel more energized! This is perfect for me! Thank you guys you made this awesome products!
October 23 2017
I've been taking Light of Life for 2 months now and i feel rejuvenated and quality of my hair and nails improved. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!
October 06 2017
Light of life was one of the best things i've tried in past year. Ordering my third batch. My nails and hair look healthier I have more energy and feel positive again
June 15 2017
Amazing product ! Im very satisfied with the results, I feel much more energized ! Thank you
June 14 2017
I've been taking the product for 5 months now and I can feel much better and I like the package of bulb. It's so original!
June 03 2017
It says that when we are healthy, I have a thousand wishes and when we are sick, so we have only one wish: to get well. Thank you, I've got a wonderful product and Light of Life, which helps to improve my health.
May 23 2017
Po dlouhém přemýšlení jsem se rozhodla Light of Life vyzkoušet. Zatím jsem velmi spokojená¡. Necítím se tolik unavená.
May 14 2017
I have met my good friend and I noticed she looks better and has more energy than before. She told me she started to use this supplement and I didn't hesitate and I bought these gold pills, too. I take it for a month and I feel better
May 08 2017
After a month of using Light of Life I started to feel much more energy and generally started to feel better.
May 08 2017
Last year in August, I bought Light of Life. It changed my life. During the first week, I felt tired and wanted to stop. My doctor explained this is normal and I should continue and I did. The results were wonderful. I got more and more energy, i could do things i could not do for years. People around me started to notice changes... and told me I was looking younger....I told them my secret... I have been taking Light of Life ever since... I increased the dosis to 4 pills per day without interruption. Since I started I have never been ill. this product changed my life...