There is probably nothing more annoying than being unable to follow through even the simplest tasks because you feel tired all the time. No matter how much you sleep, every activity seems draining and you can’t concentrate on what you have to do, finding it hard to put in the energy into work, or even meeting with friends. In theses, even liters of coffee can’t help to shake you up and give you the boost you need.

There are times when our sex drive does not work in our favor and goes way below our usual drive-levels. When we just don’t feel like showing physical affection to our partner or stress and worry seem to kick in, it is natural that our drive can be a bit out of whack. The good news is, there are natural ways you can increase your libido, so here are top foods that can help you get things back on track between the sheets.

We live in an environment that is full of toxins. We breathe them, we eat them and they find their way to our system, which is everything but not good for our health. The good news is, there are many, completely natural ways for you to get rid of all the pesticides, unhealthy sugars, additives and toxins stored in our body. So, here are five natural detox drinks you can make at home and take with you wherever you go.

In order to live a fulfilling life and stay healthy, we need to have a strong immune system. It is immensely important in order for us to thrive and survive, but what exactly is immunity and how do we build it? The immune system is our organism natural shield against pathogenic organisms and influences that might cause us harm, causing infections, disbalance in the organism and weaken our health.

Everyone has been buzzing about how important protein and good carbs are to stay fit and energized. However, nutrition geeks can’t stress enough the importance of green foods as well. These elements are essential for our well being as much as unprocessed protein is. Green foods contain chlorophyll which is immensly important for blood-cell production and oxidation and...

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